Misc Cartoons - Sailor Moon - Neptune tab

			     Neptune - Sailor Moon

Tabbed by: Sandro (samanosuke486 on here)
email: samanosuke486 AT yahoo DOT com, and mobius1.x-02 AT comcast DOT net

AfterDawn.com:  Ofnir1
YouTube.com:    Mercury144
SailorMoon.com: Mobius1 and Mercury_1, nickname on forums is Mercury 1
(Just want to let everyone know who tabbed this song. I couldn't find this anywhere! lol)

Hey everyone! This is the first song that I've tabbed out. Also, I'm not sure if Neptune
in fact the song name. So if anyone wants to listen to it and inform me of the correct
or just to download, go to this address to download it. By the way, the file is NOT a 
and Paste this address to your address bar in your web browser and hit Enter)


I hope you enjoy the song and the tab! ^_^

Riff 1 is played on the piano, but I've tabbed it out for guitar. I'm not too
good at showing the exact timing, but I'll type it in as good as I can. It's much
easier if you listen to the song and read this at the same time to grasp the timing,
of course.

(Best viewed with Courier New font)

h = hammer on
p = pull of
/ = slide up
hv = heavy vibrato    (other tabbers may use different symbols for these)

Tuning: E A D G B E (standard)

Riff 1 - Clean tone, sounds great with reverb.(0:15)E|----------------15---repeat--------------------17---20---17--15-15---|B|-17--15-17--18------------------17--15-17--18------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
After playing the above riff once, play it until you get to the repeat, then play this
Riff 2 - Distortion, also sounds great with reverb(0:58)E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------10-----13----10h11p10-|G|-7----7-9--10-------------repeat-----7----7-9--10----------12----------------|D|---10-----------5/7---10---------------10-----------12-----------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E|---------------------------- Play riff-----------|B|---------------------------- again and-----------|G|-12----12-14--12---9--10--12 use this ----/14hv--|D|----15---------------------- at -----------|A|---------------------------- the -----------|E|---------------------------- end -----------|
Riff 2 gets played again at 1:54, but without the 14th fret. Play riff 2 as usual, but instead of sliding up from 12 to 14, slide up from 10 to 12, with a heavy vibrato at the end. This is what it looks like.
See ya later ^_^
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