Misc Children - Omsen Og Momsen - Moms Paa Lumomba chords

Hej folkens! Jeg har her lyttet den dejlige TV-Avis sang af, eller i hvert fald 
fundet nogle akkorder, som jeg synes passer meget fint til. Haaber I kan faa det 
til at passe, og saa er det jo bare om at faa en ven til at synge Tom McEwans 
dejlige andenstemme, så den bliver helt magisk. Hyg jer!

Bb F Gm Eb Bb

F Eb F(break) Eb Bb

Eb F Bb Dm Cm-F Eb F Eb Bb

Eb F Bb (x2)

This is a wonderful song from an old Danish kids' show.

I have no idea whether these are the actual chords used in the song, but I believe 
they fit in quite well when just playing it yourself.

There are three verses, so simply just repeat for the next two ones.
When you've learned to sing it, get a mate to sing the second, and suddenly it's a beautiful song.
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