Misc Christmas – Blue Christmas tab

e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|--------------------------------|D|-----2-2--4-4-------------------| Then play:A|-2-2----------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
E B7 I have a blue Christmas without you B7 E I'll be so blue just thinking about you E E7 A Decorations of red, on a green Christmas tree F#7 B7 won't be the same dear, if you're not here with me. E B7 And when those blue snow flakes start falling, B7 E that's when those blue memories start calling, E E7 A Bbdim7 you'll be doing alright, with your Christmas of white, B7 E but I'll have a blue blue Christmas. E B7 Ohh, ohh, ohh Ahhh Ahh ahh a ahh ohhhh B7 E ohh, ohh, ohh Ahhhhh Ahh ahh a ahh ohhhh E E7 A Bbdim7 You'll be doing allright with your Christmas of white B7 E but I'll have a blue blue Christmas, E (022100) B7 (x21202) E7 (020100) A (x02220) F#7(242322) Bbdim7(x12020)
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