Misc Christmas – Silver Bells chords ver. 2

For those who live in the New Haven area of CT,
a while back on KC101 they had a song spoofing "Silver Bells" 
and made it "Christmas time in East Haven". 
Long Before the show Jersey shore,
East Haven had one of the Highest rates of Italians around...
This song was made for them and that town. 
In 2005, the song was pulled off the air. Here it is...

Bb City Sidewalks busy sidewalks girls with
Ebhair out to there they got
F Bbtrees on the polls in east haven
guys name vinny got the skinny on what
Ebsuits they can where (Hey its armani)
F Bband above all the camaros's you here
BbSilver Bells
Eball those smells (Its eternity)
F BbIts christmas time in East Haven
Bball that gold
Ebis getting old
Fsoon it will be christmas day
Bb Cousin Lori s'got a story that she
Ebcant wait to tell so she
F Bbtalks on the phone to gina
bobbys cheatin he needs a beatin cuz he
Ebstole louies girl
F Bband above all the cursing you hear
BbSivler Bells
EbHair ol' Gel
F BbIts Christmas Time in East Haven
Ringa ling (Bada bing)
EbWhat you bring (I brought my brashall ok hey!)
F BbSoon it will be christmas day
(You know what i mean)
Bb Mikeys bookin' mamas cookin christmas
Ebeve with the fish as were
F Bball getting ready for dinner
Christmas Shoppin the place is hoppin trying to f
Ebfind one more gift and
Fabove all the bussel you hear
BbSilver bells
Eb Silver bells
F Bbits christmas time in east haven
Im a family man
Ebyou understand
F Bbsoon it will be christmas day
hey have a good christmas ok do the right thing alright
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