Misc Christmas – Bring A Torch - Un Flambeau Jeanette Isabelle - Traditional French Christmas chords


G Em Am D7Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle --
G Em D7 GUn flambeau! Courons au berceau!
G Em C DC'est Jésus, bonnes gens du hameau.
C G Am D7 Le Christ est né; Marie appelle!
Em D G D GAh! Ah! Ah! Que la Mère est belle,
Em D G D7 GAh! Ah! Ah! Que l'Enfant est beau!
G Em Am D7Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella;
G Em D7 GBring a torch, come swiftly and run.
G Em C DChrist is born, tell the folk of the village;
C G Am D7 Jesus is sleeping in His cradle.
Em D G D GAh, ah, beautiful is the Mother;
Em D G D7 GAh, ah, beautiful is her Son.
G Em Am D7Hasten now, good folk of the village;
G Em D7 GHasten now, the Christ-Child to see.
G Em C DYou will find Him asleep in the manger;
C G Am D7 Quietly come and whisper softly,
Em D G D GHush, hush, peacefully now He slumbers;
Em D G D7 GHush, hush, peacefully now He sleeps.
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