Misc Computer Games – Guitar Hero World Tour - Guitar Battle Vs Zakk Wylde tab

There are 2 Ways of playing this the first:


>Tune Your Guitar Down accordingly: 
>Then Play:

e -> C |-----------------------|B -> G |-----------------------|G -> Eb |-----------------------|D -> Bb |---2-0-----------------|A -> F |-------2-0-------------|E -> C |-0---------0-3-0-3-0---|
_____________________________________ 2. >Or Play This In Standard Tuning: >With An Octave Pedal At: -1 Octave
e |--------------------------|B |--------------------------|G |--------------------------|D |----10-8------------------|A |---------10-8---6---6-----|E |--8-----------8---8---8---|
_____________________________________ Hope This Is Helpful
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