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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Mask Walk


Artist: Kevin Sherwood
Guitar: Kevin Sherwood

Tuning: Low to High (A D G C F a d)

Kevin Sherwood (a music composer for Treyarch) primarily
uses an 8 string guitar tuned 1 step down, but this song
In particular doesn't use the lower E string, so for this
i tabbed using a 7 string. If you do NOT have a 7 string,
then simply discard of the higher D string and just use:
(A D G C F a) You'll need thicker strings.  

Riff 1 (Drive/Dirty channel) (NOT distortion)D|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------|F|-----------------------------|C|--44-4---55-5---77-6---66-5--|G|--xx-x---xx-x---xx-x---xx-x--|D|--22-2---33-2---55-4---44-3--|A|--00-0---00-0---00-0---00-0--|
Riff 2 (Let notes ring out with each other)D|-------------------------------|A|-------7~---7~--8~---7~---10~--|F|-------------------------------|C|--9~-9~---9~--9~---9~---9~-----|G|-------------------------------|D|-------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|
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