Misc Computer Games - Streets Of Rage Them tab

Streets Of Rage
Guitar Tab
Drop C Tuning - CGCFAD
Tabbed By Jonathan Mack

This Is The Character Select Theme For The Sega Megadrive/Genesis Game -
Streets Of Rage.

. Palm Mute
\ Slide Down
p Pull Off
h Hammer On


Lead Guitar0:00|----|14----12---------|---------12-12-13-12-------->|19\\|---15----15----12|12-15-15-------------15-12-->|----|------------14---|---------------------------->|----|-----------------|---------------------------->|----|-----------------|---------------------------->|----|-----------------|---------------------------->
0:05|-----------------------------------------------------|-------||12h15p12h15p12h15p12h15p12h15p12h15p12h15p12h15p12h15|-------| |-----------------------------------------------------|-------| |-----------------------------------------------------|14-14--| |-----------------------------------------------------|-------||-----------------------------------------------------|-------|
Bass Guitar0:00|---------||---------||---------||---------| |2-2------||----3-3-2| . . . . .
This Is The Whole Song So Repeat As Many Times As You Like.
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