Misc Computer Games - Portal 2 - Why Wheatley Why chords

Song: Why, Wheatley, Why?
Artist: Jaykzo (Youtube account)

Solo might not be perfect, this is transcribed from ear
Standard Tuning
Chords used:

E - 022100
A - x02220
B - x24442
C#m - x46654
Am - x02210
F# - 244322
C - x35553-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
E A I'd awoken from a coma
E BAnd I saw you hangin' there
E A C#mYou had asked me to try to speak to you
A B A EBut I just jumped up in the air
E AThen we started shakin' and I was so scared
E BBut you led me safely from that room
E A C#mAnd then you helped me disable the deadly neurotoxin
A B A EThat would have surely spelled my doom
A E So Wheatley, why'd you try to kill me?
A B EAfter all that we'd been through
A B C#m B AEverything we'd done seemed like so much fun
A Am EBut I just don't know what happened to you
VERSE 2: (Same chords as verse 1) Well I remember those times we were together When you weren't totally insane Breakin' windows and solving puzzles My oh my, how things have changed CHORUS 2: (Repeat chorus) BRIDGE:
C#m F#I never called you a moron
C#mI never said that you looked fat
F#I never claimed you were adopted
C#mOr asked you to buy me a hat
EI only wanted to help you
B'Cause I thought that you'd help me
CThen I found out you were evil as evil
Can be......yeah! GUITAR SOLO: (Chords of chorus)
VERSE 3: (Same chords as verses) You were my best friend but you know it had to end Because nothing gold can stay When you said that I'd die I felt a teardrop in my eye That's when I started to say.. CHORUS 3 (Repeat chorus) CHORUS 4 (Same chords) Wheatley, why'd you make me kill you? Shot you through a portal to the moon You're floatin' round in space And I just can't replace This Wheatley-sized hole in my... Heart
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