Misc Computer Games – Lets Go On Rhapsody A Musical Adventure chords

Song: Let's Go On
Original Author: Tenpei Sato
From Game: "Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure"
Chords by: Gokenshadow

Note: This song is actually meant to be played five 
half-steps up (in F), but it was easier to tab in C, 
and I'm lazy, so yeah.

INTRO: C | C | C | F | C | C-Am | Em-C | F | G | G7 | C | C

C Em AmI remember this song I've known it for so long
A Dm FAnd it feels so good to hear
Em Am FSounds a little sad but sweet just the same
GLovely melody
CWhenever I hear this song,
Em AmI really don't know why
A Dm FIt makes me shed a little tear
Em AmBut I'm sure my tears will soon disappear
C G CBecause I know you're here
G FWhenever I am feeling sad
G CAnd everything around looks bad
B EmAll I have to do is think of you
F Dm G G7 CI know my dreams are waiting to come true
FLet's go on with hope in our hearts
Dm G CLove will surely show us how
FLet's go on, our hearts filled with dreams
Dm G CLet's go on and find them now
OUTRO: F | C | Dm-G | C
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