Misc Computer Games - Final Fantasy X - Hymn Of The Faith tab

		    Hymn Of The Faith - Final Fantasy X
Tabbed by: Poly.on.y.mous
Email: poly.on.y.mous@sbcglobal.net

Tuning: Standard Tunning(EADGBe)

Notes: I found alot of tabs for this song, but all were just on one string. 
       i made this one because i feel it sounds better as a chord.

E |------------------------------------------------------| B |------------------------------------------------------| G |------------------------------------------------------| D |-7-10-9-12--12-10-12/14-7--14-16-12-14--12-10-12/14-7-| A |-5-8--7-10--10-8--10/12-5--12-14-10-12--10-8--10/12-5-| E |-5-8--7-10--10-8--10/12-5--12-14-10-12--10-8--10/12-5-|
E |------------------------------------------------------| B |------------------------------------------------------| G |------------------------------------------------------| D |-7-7-9-9-10--9-5-7-7----------------------------------| A |-5-5-7-7-8---7-3-5-5----------------------------------| E |-5-5-7-7-8---7-3-5-5----------------------------------|
That should be it, to me this sounds right when played with the song ===============================================================================
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