Misc Computer Games – Stalker - Campfire Song - Sleepless Night tab

Hey gamers! This is my second tab, and I want you to send email if something is wrong in my tabs.
I already made tab of another game titled: MAG. And it got lost. I'll resubmit it soon. 
I think im going to tab every campfire song I can. 
So here is the first one.

                             Sleepless night
Tabbed by:nomad-
e-mail: nomad@live.fi
Tuning:C# F# B E G# C# (Basic tuning in all STALKER "Campfire" songs)


Im too lazy so ill jus put chords: |Am|Dm|Em|Am| |Am|Dm|G |C | |Am|Dm|Em|Am| |Am|Dm|Em|And to the end: |Am|Asus2|Am|
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