Misc Computer Games - Legend Of Zelda - Song Of Healing tab

Hey :) , this is my first tab ever so be nice if you rate it x'D, Ok it's the beginning 
The song of Healing as I figured out jet. I'll try to find out the tabs for the whole 
later... but well here is a bit of it:

(standard tuning: eadgbe)

||-------------|-------------|----------------||||-------------|-------------|----------------||||-16-14-------|-16-14-------|-16-14----------|| x2||-------15----|-------15----|-------14-12-14-||||-------------|-------------|----------------||||-------------|-------------|----------------||
|-------------|-------------|----------------||-------------|-------------|----------------||-15-10-9-----|-15-10-9-----|-15-10-9-9------||-------------|-------------|----------------||-------------|-------------|----------------||-------------|-------------|----------------| .....
hope you like it (:
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