Misc Computer Games - Sonic Adventure 2 - Egg Golem Boss tab

Artist: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Stage: Egg Golem Boss
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)
Tabber: Dan Fallows (Sick of you)

This sounds 100% correct to me.
Any questions comments, Email: fallows9@hotmail.co.uk

Verse after solo
You can figure out the strumming pattern yourself, its not hard at all. Just fast down down up patterns.E-------------------|-----------------|------------------|B-------------------|-----------------|------------------|G--10-10--10-10--11-|-10-10--10-10-13-|-10-10--10-10-11--|D--10-10--10-10--11-|-10-10--10-10-13-|-10-10--10-10-11--|A---8--8--8--8---9--|-8--8----8--8-11-|--8--8---8--8--9--|E-------------------|-----------------|------------------|
Thats it, except for the solo bit before the verse, which i will submit once i figured out!
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