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Gtr I (E A D G B E) - 'Battlefield 2142 (Win) Theme'

>>This is the main 'recognizable' theme that many people know. It's only a
>>small riff-thing. The notes in ( ) are only there for timing, but if
>>you are looking up this tab, you probably know how the song goes.
>>Also, I play this on a Strat, all the way back on the pickups next
>>to the bridge. I think it also sounds pretty good if you play power chords
>>with only the lower 3 strings. Just a suggestion.

4/4 Gtr I Q Q E Q E Q H. Q Q E Q W +E|----------------|-----------|---------------|---------||----------------|-----------|---------------|---------||----------------|-----------|---------------|---------||----------------|-----------|---------------|---------||----------------|-----------|---------------|---------||-3--3--3-5--0-3-|-0-------3-|-3--3-5--0-----|---(0)---|
Q Q E Q E Q Q H Q Q Q E E H. +E|----------------|-------------|---------------|----------||----------------|-------------|---------------|----------||----------------|-------------|---------------|----------||----------------|-------------|---------------|----------||----------------|-------------|---------------|----------||-5--5--5-7--8-7-|-0--5------5-|-3--2--0-2-2---|----(2)---|
Gtr I (D A D G B E) - "Battlefield 2142 Losing Theme >>This section is only the deeper part played when you lose. I'll tab the >>rest of the song another time
S. S. S. E. S. S. S. S. E. S. S. S. H.|---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||----------1--0-----------0-------------------||-0--2--3--------0--2--3-----5--0--2--3-------|
S. S. S. E. S. S. S. S. E. S. S. S. H.|----------------------------|----------------||----------------------------|----------------||----------------------------|----------------||----------------------------|----------------||----------3--1-----------1--|-0--------------||-0--2--3--------0--2--3-----|----0--2--3-----|
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