Misc Country – Goofie Newfie tab

                  GOOFIE NEWFIE
                  by Roy Payne
       Now I know that we don't talk like you mainlanders
       And I know that we're the victims of your jokes
       And I know that you all think we're goofie Newfies
       And that we all belong in fishing boats
       Why you even make fun of Joey Smallwood
       And you call him Newfies funny little man
       But he sure shakes up your politicians
       When he stands up and fights for Newfoundland
       So go ahead and call us goofie Newfies
       Laugh aloud when you hear us speak
       We'll just sit back and enjoy living
       And chug-a-lug that good old Newfie screech
       I know that we don't have your super highways
       And buildings that are forty stories high
       Now we don't have your fancy cars and money
       We don't need them and I'll tell you why
       Why if we had them,we'd be just like you are
       And proving it by telling stupid jokes
       So I'm proud to say that I come from Newfie
       And I was raised up in fishing boats
       Repeat Chorus
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