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From: Glenn Estes 
Subject: CRD: I Don't Remember Loving You by John Conlee
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                I Don't Remember Loving You
                        (Harlan Howard & Bobby Braddock)
                        as recorded by John Conlee
        G          D            G
        I don't remember loving you 
        And I don't recall the things
        You say you put me through 
        You tell me that you've had
        A guilty conscience for so long
        You say that you walked out on me
        You say you did me wrong
        Well, I just don't see how that could be true
        'Cause I don't remember loving you
        I don't remember loving you 
        You might talk to my doctor 
        He drops by each day at two
        I get a funny feeling 
        When I look into your eyes
        There's something in your smile
        That gives my stomach butterflies
        You must look like someone I once knew
        But I don't remember loving you
          D                     C   G
        I don't remember loving you 
        I heard you mention children 
                C                  D
        Did you say there's one or two?
        You say I quit my job
        And then I drank myself insane
        You say that I ran down the highway 
        Screaming out your name
        Well, that's not the sort of thing that I would do
        No, I don't remember loving you
        I don't remember loving you
        I absolutely positively
        Know that can't be true
        But everyone I know here in this place
        Is really strange
        If you'll hand me my crayons
        I'll be glad to take your name
        In case I run across that guy you knew
        But I don't remeber loving you
        (do 1st verse w/ chorus melody & fade)

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