Misc Country – Mary Of The Wild Moor tab

      It was on a cold windy night 
      And the winds blew across the wild moor
      As poor Mary came wandering home with her child
      Till she came to her own fathers door
      Oh why did I leave this fair spot
      Where once I was happy and free
      I am now doomed to roam without friend or a home
      And no one to take pity on me
      Oh father dear father she cried
      Come down and open the door
      For the child in my arms,it will perish and die
      By the winds that blow across the wild moor
      But her father was deaf to her cries
      Not a sound of her voice did he hear
      Though the watchdog did howl and the village bell toiled
      As the winds blew across the wold moor
      Oh how the old man must have felt
      When he came to the door the next morn
      And he found Mary dead but the child still alive
      Closely clasped in it's dead mothers arms
      In anger he tore his grey hair
      And the tears down his cheeks they did pour
      When he saw on that night,she had perished and died
      By the winds that blew across the wild moor
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