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"Mystifies Me" by Son Volt, from "Trace" CD

from juddy@aol.com

capo 1st fret

pause a bit just before jumping from G to C in each line, then make a quick
jump to D and then G.

G                                      C
                                                       D    G
Stay a while and work it out with me, we got time and we can talk, too.
G                                      C
                                                  D         G
Give me a sign, I'll take your word, I'll learn anything you want me to.
G                                C
                                                 D        G
That is all I'm lookin to ya for, all I'm askin' that you simply do. 
G                                                C
                           D              G
Take it, leave it, make things matter, let in all my breath away.
G                                 C
                                                D              G
Take it all apart and put it back, I am always left here lookin' at you.
G                         C                           D   G
You look so fine, true, you look so fine, true.
 G                C       G       C         G
I would not lie to you

Let me see you, let me know your dreams, won't you please give out a sign
things you say make me look through you, no one mystifies me like you do.
This is why I always look at you, and I hold you to it every day

You look so fine, true, no one mystifies me like you do
You look so fine, true, no one mystifies me like you do

(solo and out)
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