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                         TWO LITTLE CHILDREN
                Two little children a boy and a girl
                Stood by an old church door
                The little girls shoes were as bright as the tears 
                That fell upon the dress that she wore
                The little boy's coat was all ragged and torn
                And tears shone in his blue eyes
                Why don't you go home to your mother I said 
                and this was the maidens reply
                Mammas in heaven they took her away
                Away to that home far and bright
                She said that she'd call on her darlings some day
                And perhaps she will call them tonight
                Daddy got lost on the sea long ago
                We waited all night on the shore
                For he was a life saving captain you know
                And never came back anymore
                We can't earn our bread,we're to little she said
                Jim's five and I'm only seven
                Yes Daddy got lost on the sea long ago
                And momma's up in heaven
                The sextant came early to ring the church bell
                He found them beneath the snow white
                The angels made place for two orphans to dwell
                    In heaven with momma that night
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