Misc Praise Songs - How Excellent Your Plan tab

Verse 1
C           F     Am        G
O Lord, how excellent Your plan,
C             F      Am       Dm            G
To take this broken life and make it whole again;
     Dm             G
you died to buy my pardon,
     Em            Am
and rose again to prove
      F               Dm         E7sus E7
that You were fully God as well as man

            Fmaj7           Am
O Lord, how wonderful, how elegant,
    Dm              G              C
how marvelous, how excellent Your plan
                    C    F   Am  G
how excellent Your plan

Verse 2
O Lord, how excellent Your plan,
Your promise to complete the work that You began
and by Your Holy Spirit
to make my life a poem
that You would write with Your almighty hand

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