Misc Praise Songs – We Are Many Parts tab

 E      A     E  A  E
we are many parts
       A        E  A  E
we are all one body
        E7         A  Bb
and the gifts we have
             E    A   E
we are given to share
          E7        A
may the Spirit of Love
  C             E
make us one in deed
one, the love that we share
one, our hope in despair
  C7                    E    A  E
one, the cross that we bear

(verse 1.)
     B7           F#m
working for the Father's Son
   B7          F#m
working that His will be done
 F#m         B7                  E
let us lay our gifts before the Lord


(Verse 2.)
so my pain is pain for you
in your joy is my joy too
all is brought together in the Lord


(verse 3.)
all you seekers great and small
seek the greatest gift of all
if you love then you will know the Lord

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