Misc Scales – Essential Scales tab ver. 2

Keep in mind, each scale can be moved up or down the neck. Also, be sure to follow the 
fingering provided, it will increase speed and accuracy (I:index M:middle R:ring P:pinky)

Pentatonic Scale (Key of Am)e---------------------5-8---|B-----------------5-8-------|G-------------5-7-----------|D---------5-7---------------|A-----5-7-------------------|E-5-8-----------------------| I P I R I R I R I P I P
Blues Scale (Key of A)e-------------------------5-8-|B---------------------5-8-----|G---------------5-7-8---------|D-----------5-7---------------|A-----5-6-7-------------------|E-5-8-------------------------| I P I M R I R I R P I P I P
Minor Scale (Key of Am)e-----------------------------5-7-8-|B-----------------------5-6-8-------|G-----------------4-5-7-------------|D-------------5-7-------------------|A-------5-7-8-----------------------|E-5-7-8-----------------------------| I R P I R P I R I M P I R P I R P
Major Scale (Key of A)
e--------------------------------7-9-10-|B-------------------------7-9-10--------|G-------------------6-7-9---------------|D-------------6-7-9---------------------|A-------5-7-9---------------------------|E-5-7-9---------------------------------| I R P I R P I M P I M P I R P I R P
e---------------------------4-5-|B-----------------------5-7-----|G-----------------4-6-7---------|D-----------4-6-7---------------|A-----4-5-7---------------------|E-5-7---------------------------| I R I M P I R P I R P I R I M
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