August Rush - Slap Scene tab with lyrics by Misc Soundtrack - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Soundtrack – August Rush - Slap Scene tab

This song in the movie is played by placing the guitar on your lap and slapping the
with both hands to make them resonate. Theres also some use of harmonics and hammer ons with
fingers much like double tapping (although I can't double tap at all but I can play this).

Get ready the tuning is really weird, I've never heard of it.  Here it is from low to high

E down to C
A down to G
D down to C
G down to D
B down to G
E down to E Low (I know, its weird and it may not work on light gauges but you have to
down 6 whole steps (full octave) in order for the song's harmonics to work.)

The whole song involves a lot of natural 12 and 7 harmonics through slapping (with the
finger extended). There isn't an actual tablature for these parts because the kid pretty
just improvs it. Make it sounds cool and have the right timing. Thats all I do. Watch 
scene in the movie to get it right.

Begin by slapping back and forth with right and left hands, right over the sound hole
left over the 12 fret harmonic.

Then you do the main melody natural harmonics. What I do is use my pointer finger of my
hand tap hard on the fret of the string to make it resonate. From what it looks like,
is how the kid does it in the movie as well. But you can always put your other finger 
the fret and finger pick with your right hand. It goes like this:

Then you, while slapping with the left hand for rhythm, you do an alternation pointer pinky finger hammer-ons, almost like double tapping, back and forth like this
and then immediately follow that with a right hand swipe towards you with the lowest strings
and repeat. Go back to harmonics and slapping. And then take your pointer finger and middle finger your right hand and hammer on the 2nd and 3rd strings and bend them just a bit every time hit. Also, when you let go of the string do a pull off the let the open tuning ring a At the same time put in some bass notes with the same action on your left hand with 5th and 6th strings. Then do the double tapping you were doing before and end with swipe. Like this:
Then go back to slapping for a bit and repeat that last section again. End with left hand double tapping like this.
E------------------------------------------------|G---7--9-----------------------------------------|D---------7--9-----------------------------------| X4C---------------7--9-----------------------------|G---------------------7--9-----------------------|C---------------------------7--9-----------------|
And then pluck the lowest open C to finish. Thats it. Hope you enjoy it and recognize it. Let me know if there are any problems or at Comment and let me know what you think of the tab!
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