Misc Soundtrack – Natural Born Killers tab

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From: rshively@netdepot.com (Robert Shively)
Date: 16 Jul 1995 06:01:31 GMT
Subject: TAB: "Rock and Roll Nigger" - Patti Smith, NBK Soundtrack

Rock and Roll Nigger
by Patti Smith
off of Natural Born Killers Soundtrack

Not much to it.

*Chords used:

D5 E5 A5E|--- --- ---B|--- --- ---G|-7- -9- ---D|-7- -9- -7-A|-5- -7- -7-E|--- --- -5-
*Goes a little somethin' like this:
*This repeats twice more, then goes:
*In the middle of the song, about 2:00, it goes: E5, D5, A5 *That's about it. If anyone can get all the lyrics, go ahead and add them to this file, then post it to OLGA! Bobby Shively rshively@netdepot.com
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