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From: kharding@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Karol Harding)

From Schindler's list
tempo: 3/4
Tab by Karol Henderson Harding 1994
      D7                       Gm      
D7 Dm5 Gm Dm A7
______________________________ CHORUS: |1. Dm | 2. Dm | Gm C F E|--1--------5--|---1----------|-3---3---3--3-|-1---1--1-1---|B|--3-----------|---3---3--3-3-|-3------------|-1------------|G|--2-----------|---2----------|-3------------|-2------------|D|--0-----------|---0------0---|--------------|---------0----|A|--------------|--------------|---------3----|-3------------|E|--------------|----------3---|--------------|--------------|
Bf F Dm Am
**last time to to finale instead________________________________ | |1b. |2b. (to **)E|-8---5---3----|--1---0-------|---1----3--3-3|---1---------|B|-----5--------|--3---2-------|---3----------|---3---------|G|-----5--------|--2---0-------|---2-------0--|---2---------|D|--------------|--0-----2-----|---0----------|---0---------|A|--------------|------0-------|-----------3--|-------------|E|--------------|--------------|--------------|-------------|
**FINALE: *7optional *E|-8--5-----3-5-|-6--8--10-----|-12----10----||B|----5---------|-------10-----|-10----10----||G|----5---------|-------10-----|-10----10----||D|-7------------|----7---0-----|-10-----0----||A|--------------|--------------|-------------||E|--------------|--------------|-------------|| Original key: C7 Fm Cy Fm Cm G7 Cm (verse) Fm Bf Ef Af f Cm Gm Cm G7 Cm....(chorus)
Y'rushalayim shel Zahav (JERUSALEM OF GOLD) By Naomi Shemer With two different translations: *#1 translation by Rabbi Jack Gabriel Y'rushalayim shel Zahav Jerusalem of Gold Dm Gm avir harim tsalul kayayin (A7)D7 v'rei'ach ora-nim Gm nisa b'ruach ha'arbayim Dm A7 Dm im kol pa'a- mo-nim (repeats above melody:) uv'tardemat ilan va'even shvuya bachaloma ha'ir asher badad yoshevet uv'liba choma. I walk among your streets and houses I feel your breath of spring the song that rises from your stillness no human tongue can sing. I dream a dream of holy spaces within your timeless soul I am your child across the water I share the truth you hold. CHORUS: Dm Gm C F y'rusha-lyaim shel za-hav Bb/Gm F v'shel n'choshet v'shel or Dm Am Dm A7 Dm halo l'chol shi-rayich a-ni ki- nor. Yerusha'layim, made of Gold you're made of copper, burning bright Your every song makes me a singer I need your light.. I cry for you, Yeru'shaylayim, Your children suffer so Your far away, returning children who love your ancient glow the almond blossom blooms in winter in holy Yisra'el It whispers that the cold is leaving, and springtime will not fail... ------------------------------------------------ Y'rushalayim shel Zahav #2 Translation Mountain air clear as wine And a scent of pines Is lifted in the twilight wind With the sound of bells And in the sleep of tree and stone Captive in a dream The city which stands alone And in her heart a wall Jerusalem of gold And of copper, and of light For all your songs I am a violin -------------------------------------------------------- Y'rushalayim shel Zahav avir harim tsalul kayayin v'rei'ach oranim nisa b'ruach ha'arbayim im kol pa'amonim uv'tardemat ilan va'even shvuya bachaloma ha'ir asher badad yoshevet uv'liba choma. CHORUS: y'rushalyaim shel zahav v'shel n'choshet v'shel or halo l'chol shirayich ani kinor. eicha yavshu borot hamayim kikar hashuk reika v'ein poked et har habayit ba'ir ha'atika. uvamarot asher basela m'yal'lot ruchot v'ein yored el yam hamelach b'derech y'richo. chazarnu el borot hamayim lashuk v'lakikar shofar koreh b'har habayit ba'ir ha'atikah. uvam'arot asher basela alfey shmashot zorchot nashuv nered el yam hamelach b'derech, yericho.
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