Misc Soundtrack – Spiderman Theme tab

Hi i'm Danny, this is my first TAB created by me, so please comment and if you see any 
notes please correct me, i'm a newbie and i would like to learn:) i put the TABs into 
to organize it a bit:)

1. 2. 3.E----------------- E------------------ E----9--9------|B-----9----------- B-----9-999-------- B---9----10----|G----9----11-9---- G----9-----11-9---- G--9-------11--|D--11---------11-- D--11----------11-- D--------------|A----------------- A------------------ A--------------|E----------------- E------------------ E--------------|
4. 5.E---------------------- REPEAT PAR 2 AGAIN. E------------------|B--10-9---9------------ B--9---------14----|G----------9-9-11-9---- G---9-9-11-13------|D------------------11-- D------------------|A---------------------- A------------------|E---------------------- E------------------|
Well, that's it guys hope you enjoyed it and remember: correct me if i'm wrong!:)
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