Misc Soundtrack – The Fresh Prince Of Bel-air Theme tab

I was watching The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air one night, and thought about the song. I
if I could figure it out on my acoustic (still sounds good on electric), and I think 
near perfect. And although it is short, very short, but very repetitive, I personally 
it is fun to play. So, without further ado, here it isΒ…

BACKGROUND GUITARE:-----0-3-3-2-0----0-3-3-2-0-----0-3-3-2-0---------3-5-|A:----------------------------------------------3-5-----|D:------------------------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------|(REPEAT THROUGHOUT SONG)
LEAD GUITARE:-----5---7----------5Β—3Β—0-----------|A:--------------------------3-5-------|D:------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------|(PLAY AFTER BACKGROUND FINISHES)
Note: Before playing, to ensure that it is right, I suggest that you listen to the song or twice first. Have fun!
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