Misc Soundtrack - Dr Horribles Sing-along Blog - Slipping chords

I didn't write this. The credit all goes to TJFontaine. I'm just putting it on 
here because it's an amazing song, and I thought people would enjoy it. =]


Gm Cm/GLook at these people
Gm Cm/GAmazing how sheep'll
Gm DdimShow up for the slaughter
Gm Cm/GNo one condemning you
Gm Cm/GLined up like lemmings
Gm DdimYou led to the water
Gm CmWhy can't they see what I see?
Gm CmWhy can't they hear the lies?
Gm Cm GmMaybe the fees too pricey for them to realize
F#dim Gm Cm/G GmYour disguise is slipping
Cm/G Gm CmI think you're slipping!
Gm Cm/G Gm Cm/GNow that your saviour is still as the grave
Gm DdimYou're beginning to fear me!
Gm Cm/GLike cavemen fear thunder
Gm Cm/GI still have to wonder
Gm DdimCan you really hear me?
Cm/GI bring you pain
Gm Cm/G DdimThe kind you can't suffer quietly
CmFire up your brain
Gm GmRemind you inside your rioting
F#dim Gm Cm/G GmSociety is slipping
Cm/G Gm Cm/G DEverything's slipping away…
Gm BbGo ahead, run away
Cm DSay it was horrible!
Gm BbSpread the word, tell a friend
Cm DTell them the tale
Gm BbGet a pic, do a blog
Cm DHeroes are over with!
Gm BbLook at him, not a word
Cm DHammer meet Nail!
Gm BbThen I win, then I get
Cm DEverything I ever
Gm BbAll the cash, all the fame
Cm DAnd social change
Gm BbAnarchy, that I run
Cm DIt's Dr. Horrible's turn
D Eb D Eb D Eb F#You peo - ple all have to learn
D Eb D Eb D EbThis world is going to
[yeah, it's two r's- h-o-r-r, right]
Gm Cm/GNo sign of Penny
Gm Cm/GGood, I would give anything
Gm DdimNot to have her see
Gm Cm/GIt's gonna be bloody
Gm Cm/GHead up Billy Buddy
Gm DdimThere's no time for mercy
Gm DdimHere goes no mercy!
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