Misc Soundtrack - The Sum Of Us - Some Would Say tab

-The Sum Of Us-
 Some Would Say

Chorus|-----------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------||-5--3--5----------------55555555-33333333------------------||-5--3--5-55555555---x4--55555555-33333333-33333333-55555555||-3--1--3-33333333-------33333333-11111111-33333333-55555555||------------------------------------------11111111-33333333| ........
Bridge/Solo|-------------------686-686-68686-------------------------||------------------8---8---8-----6------------------------||--353----53----------------------------------------------||-5353 x4-533---------------------------------------------||-5131----313---------------------------------------------||-3---------1---------------------------------------------|
Order- Intro x4 Verse x4 Chorus Verse x4 Chorus Bridge Solo Intro x4 Chorus Intro x4 Lyrics- Verse 1- Born into rebellion, Donít know any other way, Roam the streets of my city, At least thatís what they say (hey), Donít care to much for learning, Donít care to much for fun, My soul is burning, ĎCos I am my fatherís son, Chorus- Some would say, Iíve got it easy, Some would say, Iíve got it tough, Some would say, Iím way to tough, Some would say, Theyíve had enough, I guess you could say, Iíve learnt the easy way the hard way, I guess you could say, Iíve learnt the easy way the hard way, Verse 2- Cave into temptation, To a life of scum and sin, My mind lays in the gutter, My soul trashed in the bin, Left the land of policies, For the land of broken dreams, The world caved in around me, At least thatís how it seems, Chorus Bridge/Solo Chorus
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