Misc Soundtrack – Sons Of Anarchy - Opening Theme tab

Sons of Anarchy opening theme - "This Life" by Curtis Stigers
Tab by Manolo D'Antonio - man_pod@hotmail.com

This is my own interpretation to play this song on a solo acoustic.

Standard tuning
Capo 2nd frt

|You sould play this as an open E- strumming, hitting all the strings,||Only exception the low E notes, wich mimic a bass line,leave em alone| A A U A A U U A U A U A A U A A U A U A U |---------------------------------|-----------------------------------||---------------------------------|-----------------------------------||---------------------------------|-----------------------------------| |-----5-5-5---5-------------------|-----5-5-5---2---------------------||-----7-7-5---7-------------------|-----7-7-5---2---------------------||-0-------------------------------|-0--------------------------3^-----|
| | Ridin'..this w-||-orld all a|-lone God.....your s-|
A A U A A U U A U A U A A U A A U A U A U |---------------------------------|-----------------------------------||---------------------------------|-----------------------------------||---------------------------------|-----------------------------------| |---------------------------------|-------------2---------------------||-----7-7-5---7-------------------|-----7-7-5---2---------------------||-0-------------------------------|-0--------------------------3^-----||-oul You're..your o-|-wn The crow...str-|
|No more open here, just a bit tricky to sing while playing. ||Get the A chord with a 1st finger barre | x3 || 4th vLet ring A U A U U A U A A A U A u A U |---------------------------------||-----------0----------------------||-0-------2-3--2-2-2-2--2-----X-X-||-0-------2-0----------------------||-2^3^2---2-2--2-4-2-2--2-----X-X-||-2^3^2---2-0----------------------| |-2^3^2-5-2-2--2-2-2-5^-2-----X-X-||-2^3^2-5-2-2---s4-----------------||-0-----0-0-0--0-0-0-0--0-----0-0-||-0-----0-0-2----------------------||---------------------------------||-----------0----------------------||-aight perfect line|| || On the.. || || back Until .. die|| |
Riding through this world, all alone God takes your soul; you're on your own The crow flies straight, a perfect line On the Devil's back until you die Gotta look this life In the eye -- Sam Crow!
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