Misc Soundtrack - Children Of Eden - I Am Not A Stranger To The Rain chords


AShed no tears for me
F#m EThere'll be rain enough today
A D EI'm wishing you Godspeed as I wave you on your way
A D A DThis won't be the first time I've stayed behind to face
E D A DThe bitter consequences of an ancient fall from grace
A DI'm a daughter of the race of Cain
A D AI am not stranger to the rain
A Orphan in the storm
F#m EThat's a role I've played before
A And I've learned not to tremble
C#m EWhen I hear the thunder roar
D AI don't curse what I can't change
D I just play the hand I'm dealt
F#m AAnd when they lighten up my rations
DI tighten up my belt
A DI won't say I've never felt the pain
A D A F#mBut I am not a stranger to the rain
F#m G A EAnd for the boy who's given me the sweetest love I've known
F#m G A EI wish for him another love so he won't be alone
Bm A F#m EBut I am bound to walk among the wounded and the slain
Bm F#m A EAnd when the storm comes crashing on the plain
Bm F#m D EI will dance before the lightning to music sacred and profane
A DOh, shed no tears for me
A DLight no candle for my sake
A DThis journey I'll be taking now
A EIs one we all must make
A Shoulder to the wind
D E I'll turn my face into the spray
D AAnd when the heavens open
D ELet the drops fall where they may
A D AIf they finally wash away the stain
A D EFrom a daughter of the race of Cain
A D A F#m DI am not a stranger to the rain
A F#m D A Let it rain!
http://www.musicalschwartz.com/children-of-eden.htm For additional help listen to it; it's from Children of Eden the musical
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