Misc Soundtrack - Dueling Banjos tab

OK, I checked into the other 2 tabs here for this song and it just didnt sound on key
with the one I had on tape.  So I'm going to make an attempt at it as well.
Here goes...

It starts off playing G one note at a time, like so:

then plays this 4 times: (Fig. 1)
G G G C G |-3---3---3-------0-------3-------||-0---0---0-------1-------0-------||-0---0---0-------0-------0-------||-0---0---0-------2-------0-------||-2---2---2-------3-------2-------||-3---3---3-------x-------3-------|
then kicks into the most famous part(x2): (Fig. 2)
followed by: (Fig. 3)
then(x2): (Fig. 4)
then one string higher: (Fig. 5)
and back down to Fig. 4, followed by: (Fig. 6)
then finally back to Fig. 1. After all of this it goes back through 2 more times, progressively faster. My advice on how to play faster most effectively is to hammer on to the second note on Fig. 2, and to take off the second note of Fig.4 - Fig. 6. It flows smoother this way, and I believe it is played that way anyway. Unfortunately I haven't gotten as far as how to play the guitar/banjo combo, so someone else will have to pick up on that. Enjoy, - JMC P.S. If anyone has corrections or how to play that combo, I'd be glad to hear about it. Write me at Jmctard@aol.com. Peace. "If I don't die by Thursday, I'll be roarin' Friday night" (Jimmy Buffett)
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