Misc Soundtrack - The Inbetweeners Theme tab

e|---2-----| e|---------| e|---------| e|------3--|B|------3--| B|---2-----| B|---------| B|------3--|G|---2-----| G|---2-----| G|---------| G|---------|D|---0-----| D|---2-----| D|---2-----| D|---------|A|---------| A|---0-----| A|---2-----| A|----2----|E|---------| E|---------| E|-0-0-----| E|-3----3--|
I personally think it's the best theme song ever. Hope you all love it as much as me and you found this tab useful. If there's any comments you have or criticism feel free to email me at: [Andrew@wrightech.co.uk] Cheers!
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