Misc Soundtrack – Hedwig-origin Of Love tab

Intro:D D/B Aadd9 G G/D------------|------------|------------|------------|-----------------3------|-----3------|-----3------|-----3------|-----3---------2---2--2-|--2----2--2-|-------2--2-|---0---0--0-|--0----0--0---0-0---0---|---0----0---|--2-----2---|----0---0---|-0-0----0---------------|-2----------|-0-0--------|------------|------------------------|------------|------------|-3----------|------------
Gadd6 G--------0---|------------------3---3-|-------3------0---------|-0---0----0--0--0-------|---0-----0--------------|------------------------|------------
D When the earth was still flat D/B And the clouds made of fire Aadd9 And mountains stretched up to the sky G Sometimes higher G Folks roamed the earth like big rolling kegs D They had two sets of arms, they had two sets of legs F#m They had two faces peering out of one giant head Em So they could watch all around them A As they talked while they read G A D And they never knew nothing of love G A D G It was before the origin of love D G The origin of love Bm And there were three sexes then, one of them looked like two men glued up back to back G Called the children of the sun D And similar in shape and girth were the children of the earth D G They looked like two girls rolled up in one A And the children of the moon Bm Were like a fork stuck on a spoon C#m They were part sun part earth A Part daughter part son D G D G The origin of love D Now the gods grew quite scared D/B Of our strength and defiance G G And Thor said, "I'm gonna kill 'em all with my hammer G G Like I killed the giants." G And Zeus said, "No, you'd better let me D Use my lightning like scissors D D Like I cut the legs off the whales, dinosaurs and the lizards F#m Then he grabbed up some bolts G And he let out a laugh Em Said, "I'll split them right dowm the middle A Gonna cut 'em right up in half." G A D And the storm clouds gathered above G Into great balls of fire Bm And then fire shot down from the sky in bolts G Like shining blades of a knife Bm And it ripped right through the flesh G Of the children of the sun and the moon and the earth Bm And some indian god sewed the wound up to a hole G Pulled it around to our belly to remind us the price we paid Bm And Osiris and the gods of the nile G Gathered up a big storm Em To blow a hurricane Bm To scatter us away G In a flood of wind and rain Em And a sea of tidal waves Bm To wash us all away G And if we don't behave Em They'll cut us down again Ab G And we'll be hopping 'round on one foot D G and looking through one eye D Last time I saw you Bm We'd just split in two G You were looking at me A I was looking at you D And you had a way so familiar Bm I could not recognize G Cuz you had blood on your face A I had blood in my eyes D But I swear by your expression Bm That the pain down in your soul G A Was the same as the one down in mine D That's the pain Bm G That cuts a straight line down through the heart A We call it love D We wrapped our arms 'round each other Bm Tried to shove ourselves back together G A We were making love making love D Bm It was a cold dark evening such a long time ago G A When by the mighty hand of Jove D Bm It was a sad story how we became lonely two-legged creatures G A The story of the origin of love D G D G D G... That's the origin of love
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