Misc Soundtrack - Reefer Madness - The Stuff chords version 2

SONG: The Stuff
ARTIST: Dan Studney and Kevin Murphy

From the musical, Reefer Madness The Musical


F - A#m6 - F - A#m6-

F - A#m6 -I ought to leave him,
F - A#m6 -but something makes me stay
F - A#m6 - F - A#m6 - It's the stuff
F - A#m6 -I'd try to kill him,
F - A#m6 -but my guy gives me love
A7And the stuff!
Dm9 - Dm7 -Sometimes he's rough
Gm7 - C - F/A - D7 -He throws me down the stairs, but deep inside he cares
Gm7- C - F - A#m6 -He buys me lingerie, and the stuff!
F - A#m6 - F - A#m6 - F - A#m6 -
F - A#m6 -I was a student,
F - A#m6 -good grades and so naive
F - A#m6 - F - A#m6 -'Til the stuff
F - A#m6 -A handsome stranger,
F - A#m6 -some empty promises
A7Lotsa stuff!
Dm9 - Dm7 -But I don't get hooked
Gm7 - C -I'm not addicted, no
F/A - D7 -I just enjoy the glow
Gm7 - C -I like to have my fun
A- Dm9 - Dm7 --No harm to anyone
Gm7But the fun sometimes escapes me
A#mwhen Jack gets stoned and rapes me...
A#/CNothing numbs me better than the
F - A#m6 - F - A#m6 - F - A#m6 - Fstuff!
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