Misc Soundtrack - Hairspray - Mama Im A Big Girl Now chords

SONG: Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now
ARTIST: Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman

From the musical, Hairspray

Stop telling me what to do
Don't treat me like a child of two
I know that you want what's best
But mother, please, give it a rest!!! C F
DmStop! Don't! No! Please!
A#Stop! Don't! No! Please!
Stop! Don't! No! Please!
C C7 F CMama. I'm a big girl now!
FOnce upon a time when i was just a kid
DmYou never let me do iust what the older kids did
A#But lose that laundry list of what you won't allow
C C7 F C'Cause mama, i'm a big girl now
FOnce upon a time i used to play with toys
DmBut now i'd rather play around with teenage boys
A#So, if i get a hickey, please don't have a cow
C C7 F F 'Cause mama, i'm a big girl now
A#Ma, i gotta tell you that without a doubt
FI get my best dancing lessons from you
A#You're the one who taught me how to "twist and shout"
G Am/G Because you shout non stop
G Am/G G Dm C Dm CAnd you're so twisted too!
Wo oh oh oh oh
FOnce I used to fidget
'Cause I just sat home
DmBut now I'm just like Gidget
And I gotta get to Rome!
A#So say, arrivederci!
Toodle loo! And ciao!
C C7 F C#'Cause mama, i'm a big girl now
D#mStop! Don't! No! Please!
BStop! Don't! No! Please!
Stop! Don't! No! Please!
C# C#7 F# Mama, I'm a big girl now
C#(hey mama, say mama)
F#Once upon a time I was a shy young thing
D#m F#7 Could barely walk and talk so much as dance and sing
BBut let me hit that stage, I wanna take my bow
C# C#7 F# 'Cause mama, i'm a big girl now
Wo oh oh oh oh
F#Once upon a time i used to dress up 'ken'
D#mBut now that i'm a woman, i like bigger men
BAnd i don't need a barbie doll to show me how
C# C#7 F# F# A#m7/G# F#7/A# 'Cause mama, i'm a big girl now
BMa, you always taught me what was right from wrong
F#And now I just wanna give it a try
BMama, I've been in the nest for far too long
G# A#m/G# G# A#m/G# G#/C# So please give a push and mama
D#m C# D#m C# watch me fly
DWatch me fly
(Hey, mama, say mama)
GOne day I will meet a man you won't condemn
EmAnd we will have some kids and you can torture them
CBut let me be a star before i take that vow
D D7 G 'Cause mama, i'm a big girl now
D/F# Em Oh Oh Oh
C D Mama, i'm a big girl now
Em/G D/F# Em Hey Hey Hey Hey hey!
C6 D Mama, I'm a big girl!
Ooh, such a big, big girl!
GI'm a big girl
now! (Stop! Don't! No! Please!)
EmOh oh oh oh oh.
(Stop! Don't! No! Please!)
COh oh oh oh Please!
(Stop! Don't! No! please!)
D D7 GMama, i'm a big girl now!!!
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