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Here's a real jelly of a song originally done by
Ashford and Simpson in 1967.


Chords G9 or g9 Dm7 G7 Gm7----3-----5----5----3---3---e----0-----3----6----3---3---b----0-----4----5----4---3----0-----3----7----3---3----0-----5----5----5---5----1-----3----x----3---3
Said to the man at the railroad station Dm7 G9 I want a ticket just for one Dm7 G9 He said, well if you insist where you wanna go, Miss? F Bb F Bb F Gm7 F Oh destination anywhere east or west I dont care Asus A7 Dm7 G9 Dm7 G9 You see, my baby dont want me no more F Bb F This old world aint got no back door Bb Am7 Gm7 Am7 G G7 He looked at me with a funny face and said "ARe you sure you wanna go just any place?" I said "If you've ever loved someone the way I love that man surely Mister Ticket Agen, you should understand destination anywhere, ....... Bridge: 'Cause if it did, it would swing both ways Eb F and we'd go back to happy yesterdays Gm Eb when I loved him tenderly and all he needed was me F Dm G7 As I stared through the window of the train I thought I heard my baby call my name But it was just the conductor saying "Which stop would you prefer?" Destination.... Ahhhh, nice song
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