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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 15:49:13 -0500
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: crd: "The Simple Life" from the movie " Father of the Bride"

This song comes from the movie "Father of the Bride".
I have no idea who wrote it or who performs it for the 
movie. I don't Know the title But I'm guessing that it is 
                 "The Simple Life"

         Em7                 A13              Dmaj7 Adim
	Folks are blessed who make the most of everyday
        Em7             A13        Dmaj7  C#7#5b9
	living by their own philosophy 
        F#m7        B13              Emaj7    Bdim
	everyone beneath the sun must find a way
         Bm7              Bm6          A7  A7#5
	and I've found the only way for me

Verse 1: Em7    A7         F#m7        B7
	I don't believe in frettin' and grievin'
        Em7        C#m7/11  C7b5  Bm7  D13
	why mess around    with   strife
	Gmaj7       Gm7      F#m7       Bm7  
	I never was cut out to step and strut out
        Em7        E9      A7
	give me the simple life

Verse 2: Em7         A7       F#m7      B7
	Some find it pleasant dining on pheasant
            Em7               C#m7/11  C7b5  Bm7 D13
	but those things roll off      my    knife
        Gmaj7      Gm7      F#m7        Bm7
	just feed me tomata's and mashed potata's    
        Em7         A7     Dmaj7
	give me the simple life

Chorus: Em7      A13              Dmaj7  Adim
	A cottage small is all I'm after 
        Em7         A13          Dmaj7  C#7#5b9
	not one too spacious and wide
        F#m7        B13                Emaj7   Bdim
	a house that rings with joy and laughter
              Bm7      Bm6     A7
	of the ones you love inside

Verse 3: Em7          A7       F#m7          B7
	Life could be thrilling for one who's willing 
        Em7    C#m7/11 C7b5  Bm7  D13
	to be a far -- mer's wife
        Gmaj7          Gm7         F#m7         Bm7
	kids calling me pappy could sure make me happy
        Em7         E9     A7
	give me the simple life

Verse 4:Em7          A7          F#m7          B7
	Some take the high road, I'll take the low road
        Em7          C#m7/11  C7b9  Bm7   D13
	free from the care    and   strife
            Gmaj7        Gm7   F#m7     Bm7
	sounds corny and seedy but yes indeedy
        Em7         A7     Dmaj7
	give me the simple life

        Em7         A7     Dmaj7    D6/9
Ending: Give me the simple life
chords: intro: Em7 A13 Dmaj7 Adim C#7#5b9 F#m7 -------7---7-----5-----5------10-----9------ -------8---7-----7-----7------10-----10---- -------7---6-----6-----5------10-----9----- -------x---5-----7-----7-------9-----x----- -------7---x-----5-----6-------x-----9----- -----------5-----5-----5-------9------------
B13 Emaj7 Bdim Bm7 Bm6 A7 A7#5 --9-----7----7-----7----7----5----5-------- --9-----9----9-----7----7----5----6-------- --8-----8----7-----7----7----6----6-------- --7-----9----9-----7----6----5----5------- --x-----7----8-----x----x----7------------ --7-----7----7-----7----7----5------------
Verse chords: Em7 F#m7 B7 C#m7/11 C7b5 D13 Gmaj7 -7---9-----7------------------12-----10---- -8---10----7----7-------7-----12-----12----- -7---9-----8----9-------9-----11-----11----- -9---11----7----9-------8-----10-----12----- -7---9-----9----x-------x-----x------10---- -----------7----9-------8-----10-----10----
Gm7 E9 -10--7---------------------------------
-11--7---others same as intro -10--7--------------------------------- -12--6--------------------------------- -10--7--------------------------------- ------------------------------------
If anyone can tell me who wrote this tune please e-mail me at dmeta@quadro.net If you aren't familiar with these chords or style, I would recommend Mickey Baker's Complete Course in Jazz Guitar-book 1; if it is still in print.
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