Misc Soundtrack - Avenue Q - Schadenfreude chords version 2

From the Broadway musical, "Avenue Q"


D ARight now you are down and out
Bm Gand feeling really crappy
D AAnd when I see how sad you are
Bm BIt sort of makes me... Happy!
E ASorry, Nicky, human nature-
D BNothing I can do!
G AIt's... Schadenfreude!
G A DMaking me feel glad that I'm not you.
D ADid you ever clap when a waitress falls
Bm Gand drops a tray of glasses?
D AAnd ain't it fun to watch figure skaters
Bm Bfalling on their asses?
E ADon't you feel all warm and cozy,
D BWatching people out in the rain!
G AThat's... Schadenfreude!
G A DPeople taking pleasure in your pain!
Oh, Schadenfreude, huh? What's that, some kinda Nazi word? Yup! It's German for happiness at the misfortune of others. Happiness at the misfortune of others. That IS German!
Eb BbWatching a vegetarian
Cm G#being told she just ate chicken
Eb BbOr watching a frat boy realize
Cm Cjust what he put his dick in!
F BbBeing on an elevator
Eb Cwhen somebody shouts "Hold the door!" NO!!!
G# BbSchadenfreude!
G# Bb Eb"Fuck you lady, that's what stairs are for!"
EbStraight-A students getting Bs?
BbExes getting STDs!
CmWaking doormen from their naps!
G#Watching tourists reading maps!
EbFootball players getting tackled!
BbCEOs getting shackled!
CmWatching actors never reach
CThe ending of their Oscar speech!
G# BbSchadenfreude!
A BSchadenfreude!
E A Schadenfreude!
E ASchadenfreude!
E BThe world needs people like you and me
C#m AWho've been knocked around by fate
E BCuz when ppl see us they don't wanna be us
C#m C#and that makes them feel great
F# BWe provide a vital service
E C#to society
A Byou and me... Schadenfreude
A BMaking the world a better place
A BMaking the world a better place
A BMaking the world a better place
Eto be
Hilarious Musical. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! Credits go to M. Miller for his version that I built on: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/m/misc_soundtrack/avenue_q_-_schadenfreude_crd.htm - FF76
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