Misc Soundtrack – Hairspray - Without Love chords

SONG: Without Love
ARTIST: Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman

From the musical, Hairspray


C D7/C
Fm6/C C - A# -- F --

COnce i was a selfish fool
D7/CWho never understood
Fm6/CI never looked inside myself
C - A# -Though on the outside, i looked good!
CThen we met and you made me
D7/CThe man i am today
Fm - Fm7 -Tracy, i'm in love with you
Esus - E --No matter what you weigh
E7 -- A'Cause... Without love
C#+Life is like the seasons with
No summer
Dmaj7Without love
Dm -Life is rock 'n' roll without
Dm6 - A drummer
A - Gmaj7 --Tracy, i'll be yours forever
G7--F#7sus - F#7/A# -'Cause I never wanna be
Bm7 - A/C# - D9Without love
ATracy, never set me free
D/ANo, i ain't lyin'
Bm7/ANever set me free,
A -- A# -- C --Tracy, No, no, no!!
FOnce i was a simple girl
G7/FThen stardom came to me
Bm6/FBut i was still a nothing
F - D# -- A# --Though a thousand fans may disagree
FFame was just a prison
G7/FSigning autographs a bore
A#m7I didn't have a clue
Asus'Til you came banging on my door
A---A7--DThat without love
F#+Life is like my dad without his bromo
Gmaj7Without love
Gm - Gm6 -Life is making out with perry como!
D - Cmaj7 --Darling, i'll be yours forever
C7 --B7sus - B7/D# -'Cause i never wanna be
Em7 - D/F - G9Without love
So darling, throw away the key
G/DI'm yours forever
Em7/DThrow away the key
DYeah, yeah, yeah!
F#Living in the ghetto
G#7/F#Black is ev'rywhere ya go
Bm6/F#Who'd 've thought i'd love a girl
F# - E - B -With skin as white as winter's snow
F#In my ivory tower
G#7/F#Life was just a hostess snack
BmBut now i've tasted chocolate
A#sus And i'm never going back
A#7 -- D#'Cause without love
G+Life is like a beat that you can't follow
G#maj7Without love
G#m - G#m6 -Life is doris day at the apollo
D# - C#maj7 -- Darling, i'll be yours forever
C#7--C7sus - C7/E -'Cause i never wanna be
Fm7 - D#/G - G#9Without love
D#So darling, never set me free
G#/D# I'm yours forever
Fm7/D#Never set me free
D#No, no, no!
G7sus - G7/B -If you're locked up in this prison, Trace
Cm - Cm/D# -I don't know what i'll do
G7sus - G7/B -Link, i've got to break out
Cm -- A#/D -- Cm/D# -So that i can get my hands on you
Edim ---And
Fm7girl, if i can't touch you
D#(add9)/G - D#/G -Now i'm gonna lose control
Adim7 - F#dim -Seaweed, you're my black white knight
G7susI've found my blue-eyed soul
Gsus - G -Sweet freedom is our goal
BsusTrace, i wanna kiss ya!
D#sus - Fsus -- Then i can't wait for parole!
C/G---Dm7/G ---'Cause without
E+Life is like a prom that won't invite us
Fmaj7Without love
Fm - Fm6 -Life's getting my big break and laryngitis
CWithout love
E+Life's a '45' when you can't buy it
Fmaj7Without love
FmLife is like my mother on a diet
CLike a week that's only mondays
C/EOnly ice cream never sundaes
C/FLike a circle with no center
FmLike a door marked "do not enter!"
A#7 --- 'Cause I
A7sus - A7#9/C# -never wanna be...
Dm7 - C/E - F9Without love
Yes now you've captured me C/E--Dm - C/E - F9 Without love I surrender happily C#dim --Dm - C/E - F --- Without love
F9Oh seaweed
Never set me free
CNo, no, no
F/CNo, i ain't lyin'
Never set me free
C -No, no, no
A# -- F -- No, i dont wanna live without
CLove, love, love
F/C -Yeah, yeah, yeah
Cm---A#/C---Cm---A#/C ---Darling, you had D#-- A#/D--Cm--D# --best believe me,F/A--D#/G# --Never D#/G -- Dm/G---Cleave me without love!
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