Misc Soundtrack - Chicago - Roxie chords

SONG: Roxie
ARTIST: John Kander & Fred Ebb

From the musical, Chicago


G7The name on everybody's lips is gonna be
G7The lady rakin' in the chips is gonna be
E7 AmShe's gonna be a celebrity
E7 AmThat means somebody everyone knows
F#7 BmThey're gonna recognize her eyes
G7 Cm6-- C#dim--G7/F - CHer hair, her teeth, her feet, her nose
G7Who's gonna keep Chicago hot? Combustible
FYou've never sen a biger show.
G#7And when she does that hootchie-koo,
C/G D9 D7(B5) --she'll tear the balcony in two,
C - Adim -Go, go,
Dm7(b5)-G7 -Roxie
C G7 -- F -- A#dim -- G7/B --go!
G7They're gonna wait outside in line to get to see
G7Think of those autographs she'll sign, "Good luck to you,
E7 AmAnd she'll appear in a lavaliere
E7 AmThat goes all the way down to her waist
F#7Here a ring, there a ring
BmEverywhere a ring a ling
G7 Cm6--C#dim --But always the in the best of
G7/D - CTaste
G7The windy city's gonna shake from hurricane
FMore kick than old O'leary's cow.
G#7So get inside and grab a seat
C/G D9 D7(B5) --before she kocks you off your feet
C Adim Dm7(b5)Here comes Rox-
G7 C (4 bars)ie now!
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