Misc Soundtrack – Chicago - When Youre Good To Mama chords

SONG: When You're Good To Mama
ARTIST: John Kander & Fred Ebb

From the musical, Chicago

Fm F7 A#mAsk any of the chickies in my pen
D#7 G#They'll tell you I'm the biggest mother hen
C# A#m/GI love them all and all of them love me
Fm Fdim C7 Fdim/C C7 FmBecause the system works the system called reciprocity
C7(sus4)/G C7 Fm C7(sus4)/G C7
FGot a little motto
FmAlways sees me through
C7When you're good to Mama
FmMama's good to you
C7(sus4)/G C7
FThere's a lot of favors
FmI'm prepared to do
C7You do one for Mama
FmShe'll do one for you
F A# A#m6They say that life is tit for tat
FAnd that's the way I live
Dm F+So I deserve a lotta tat
G7(sus4) C7For what I've got to give
FDon't you know that this hand
FmWashes that one too
C7When you're good to Mama
C#7 C7+5 Fm C7(sus4)Mama's good to you
C7 Fm C7(sus4) C7
FIf you want my gravy
FmPepper my ragout
C7Spice it up for Mama
FmShe'll get hot for you
C7(sus4) C7
FWhen the pass that basket
FmFolks contribute to
C7You put in for Mama
FmShe'll put out for you
F A# A#m6The folks atop the ladder
FAre the ones the world adores
Dm F+So boost me up my ladder kid
G7(sus4) C7And I'll boost you up yours
FLet's all stroke together
FmLike the Princeton Crew
C7When you're strokin' Mama
C#9 C9 F7Mama's strokin' you
A# G7/BSo what's the one conclusion
F/C D7I can bring this number to?
Gm7 G7When you're good to Mama
C#7 C7+5 Fm Gm7 C7(+9) Mama's good to you
Fm Gm7 C7(+9) C7+5 Fm
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