Misc Soundtrack – Notre Dame De Paris - Dieu Que Le Monde Est Injustegod You Made The World All Wrong chords

A E God you made the world all wrong, I'm so ugly; he's so fine.
A EI would love her my life long, but she never would be mine.
Asus4 DNow he owns her heart and soul, without giving her a thing.
B E EaugAnd she thinks he'll make her whole, with the love she thinks he'll bring.
A D She will lie down at his touch, and believe his lies with pride.
B E EaugIt's his face she loves so much, she can't see what's deep inside.
A E God you made the world all wrong, he's so rich; and I'm so poor.
A E He will make her life a song; he will give her nothing more.
Asus4 DGod you made the world all wrong, let her have her shining knight.
B E EaugBeauty to the rich belongs, not to us outside the light.
A D I am just an ugly stain that the world just wants to hide.
B E EaugGod you gave me so much pain, were you ever on my side?
CAPO 4 during the delay
A E God you made the world all wrong, I have nothing; he has all.
A EBut I'll tell her all along he won't be there if she falls.
Asus4 DHe was born to silk and lace, to make love and to make war.
B E EaugI was born without a face; God, what did you make me for?
A D Tell me what side god is on, those whose silver buys the host?
B E EaugOr those who pray to god alone, day and night, this Holy Ghost.
C#mCan this Jesus we adore save his blessing only for.
B E EaugThose three kings of gold and myrrh, and leave the shepherds at the door?
A E God you made the world so wrong, I'm so ugly; she's so fine.
A I will love her my life long.
N.C. ABut she never will be mine.
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