Misc Soundtrack – Fame - I Want To Make Magic chords

SONG: I Want To Make Magic
ARTIST: Michael Gore

From the musical, Fame


G9/6 - G6addC# -
G6 - F#9/6/G -D13sus4
G6I want to make magic
F7(b5)I want to be bigger than I am
Bm D/c - C - Am9 - Am9/D -I want to make people really care
GReally give a damn
Cmaj7sus2 D9
GI want to make magic
F9I want to breathe fire on the stage
Bm D/C Am6 -I want to make every single line
D9 - GJump right off the page
Cmaj7sus2 D9 D/G - Gsus2
Fm7 - G - AmI want to do it all from A to Z
A#m7-Cm7-C#I want to do 'The Lion in Winter'
Dm7b5 G#/D#Brecht and Harold Pinter
G#/D# - G#/D# -- G#/D# -- G#/D# - Sophocles,
C#/D#--D#--Cm/D# - D#9 - D#7Eugene O'Neill
Fm7 - G - CI want to really see what I can be
Bm7 E7 Am7Another Jason Robards or De Niro
D7Play a tragic hero
F/G EGo for it all and really show the way I feel
Am7/D -
D7 - D/G - GI want to make magic
F9I want to electrify the place
Bm D/C Am6 -I want to be more than just a fool
D9 - Gsus2With make-up on his face
Cmaj7sus2 D9
D/G - G -I want to make magic
A/G - G/B -
Bm7(b5)/F - F9 -
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