Misc Soundtrack – The Waltons - Tomorrow chords


Am Dm G C G

1st verse 
Am DmSometimes it's hard to try
G C GBut I know that i will
Am DmKeep memories of you inside
G C GAnd let go, and stand still
Am CAges of sorrow and eras of pain
F EmWill be tomorrow be all back again
Am CHow can we be parting and wishing farewell
F EmAnd all that we started, it goes now to hell
Am DmHow can we be wishing well
G C GI know, its hard to tell
Am DmWill you remember me
G C GAnd keep me in your memory...?
2nd verse - play as the 1st one Tomorrow may come and go In my eyes it's the same Tomorrow is just i know Full of lies, just a game Solo C G F Em x2 Repeat refrain and solo http://www.waltons-berlin.de/
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