Misc Soundtrack – Flintstones Theme tab

The Flintstones:

e--------------1---------------------------------------------------------------|b----1--------------3----1---------1--------------------1----------------------|g*--------------------------------------3----2--2--3--------------0----2-------|d*--------3-------------------3------------------------------3--------(3)------|a------------------------------------------------------------------------------|e------------------------------------------------------------------------------| X2(play the note in parenthesis second time through - if you get that far !!)
------------- Playing hints: ------------- Warm up thoroughly with at least 5 hours of scales & picking exercises before attempting to play 'The Flintstones'. Use really thick strings for a better tone. Buy a really expensive guitar for an even better tone. Try using different picks, different amps & even a different T-shirt; it's suprising how much it can effect your tone! ------------ Other Patter: ------------ I was going to give the lyrics too, but as I'm nearly 30 I can't remember that far back. ------- Credits: ------- Transcribed by Mingvie Malmsteen especially for you. 27/2/02
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