Misc Soundtrack - Heartbreak High Theme tab

   This is my interpretation of that happenin theme music for the
famous Gannon television teen drama Heartbreak high

The chord sequence is as follows

A...D...G...A...A...D...G...A easy

Then over the top you've got

As with all these it best to listen to the music, the last time I checked it was in key but if not...hey thats capos are for! It sounds great on an electric The BRIDGE goes Em...G...Em...G...Em...G...Em...D slowly then back into the fun above The SOLO if you can call it that is played entirely on the G string g--9-9----3b4-0--4------------ play this twice over the bridge chords, hold the 4 until you speed back up for the funky unmistakable aussie rock chords above! I hope its as good for you as it is for me, any comments welcome! Later Andypandy@merseymail.com
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