Misc Soundtrack – Death To Smoochy - My Stepdads Not Mean tab

Smoochy The Rhino - My Stepdad's Not Mean (He's Just Adjusting)
Tabbed By: Matt Klein
EMail: mattklein88@yahoo.com

"My Stepdad's Not Mean (He's Just Adjusting)"
Smoochy The Rhino from the new movie "Death To Smoochy"

its basically strumming the F and G in different rythms

F G---1---3-------1---3------2---4------3---5-------3---5------1---3---
heres the strumming:--------------------------------------------------------------3-------5------3--------3-----1--------3---over and over
then chorus:-5-------------------1-5-------------------1-5-------------------2-5-------------------3-3-------------------3-3-------------------1(7x) (2x)
He slams the door, he stomps his feet he sends me to bed with zilch to eat (chorus) But my stepdad's not mean hes just adjusting His temper's bad and he's a slob He's bitter because he lost his job (chorus) So three cheers for the man that i proudly call stan he's not quite a dad or a brother yes he gets cross, but he's still the boss and besides he takes care of my mother so be patient with new friends like stan its not easy to be mom's second man (chorus)thats about it! i think i got it all right.
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