Misc Soundtrack – Napoleon Dynamite Theme tab

Opening credits theme from Napoleon Dynamite
Probably by John Swihart(?)
Tabbed and lyrics by Brad Porto

Standard tuning eBGDAE

I fingerpick thumb, middle, thumb, index but
is also simple enough to use a real pick.
I placed (?) by words I wasn't sure about by
listening. I couldn't find lyrics or the name
of the song.


|Intro     |Verse      |Chorus      |Bridge
|G, G      |G, G       |D, C, G     |C, G, C, G
|          |C, C, G    |D, C, G     |A, A, D, C

Verse: G G G Ge|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|B|--0-------0----|--0-------0----|--0-------0----|--0-------0----|G|------0-------0|------0-------0|------0-------0|------0-------0| D|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|A|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|E|3---3---3---3--|3---3---3---3--|3---3---3---3--|3---3---3---3--| 1.Fall is here __ Back to schoo__ 2.Walk with me __ Through the p__ 3.Here we are,n__ Walk to schoo__ 4.Numbers, Lett__ Nuns 'n books__ 5.Tonight I'll dr__ Silly thought__
C Ge|---------------|---------------|B|--1-------1----|--0-------0----|G|------0-------0|------0-------0|D|---------------|---------------|A|3---3---3---3--|---------------|E|---------------|3---3---3---3--|1.Brand new sho__ Climb the fen__2.We will rest __ Look at all t__3.Theres dirt o__ Chasin all th__4.Playtime we w__ Back to class__5About the bugs__ When I wake t__
Chorus: D C G D C Ge|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|B|--3-------1----|--0-------0----|--3-------1----|--0-------0----|G|------2-------0|------0-------0|------2-------0|------0-------0|D|0---0----------|---------------|0---0----------|---------------|A|--------3---3--|---------------|--------3---3--|---------------|E|---------------|3---3---3---3--|---------------|3---3---3---3--|
1.I can tell th__ Friends. I can tell th__ Friends. 2.Safely walk t__ Sound. Safely walk t__ Sound. 3.We clean up a__ Learn. We clean up a__ Learn. 4.Teacher marks__ Wall. Teacher marks__ Wall. 5.You and I wil__Again. 6.I can tell th__ Friends. I can tell th__ Friends.
Bridge: C G C Ge|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|B|--1-------1----|--0-------0----|--1-------1----|--0-------0----|G|------0-------0|------0-------0|------0-------0|------0-------0|D|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|A|3---3---3---3--|---------------|3---3---3---3--|---------------|E|---------------|3---3---3---3--|---------------|3---3---3---3--|1.We don't noti__ Time pass. We don't no__anything.
A A D Ce|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|B|--2---2---2---2|--2---2---2---2|--3---3---3---3|--1-------1----|G|----2-------2--|----2-------2--|----2-------2--|------0-------0|D|---------------|---------------|0-------0------|---------------|A|0-------0------|0-------0------|---------------|3---3---3---3--|E|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|1.We sit side by side in every __ Teacher thinks__But she likes__
Lyrics: fall is here, hear the elk(?) back to school, ring the bell brand new shoes, walkin loose(?) climb the fence, books and pens i can tell that we are gonna be friends i can tell that we are gonna be friends walk with me, suzie lee through the park and by the tree we will rest upon the ground and look at all the bugs we found safely walk to school without a sound safely walk to school without a sound here we are, noone else we walk to school all by ourselves theres dirt on our uniforms from chasin all the ants and worms we clean up and now its time to learn we clean up and now its time to learn numbers, letters, learn to spell nuns and books and show and tell at playtime we will throw the ball back to class, through the hall teacher marks our height against the wall teacher marks our height against the wall we dont notice any time pass we dont notice anything we sit side by side in every class teacher thinks that i sound funny but she likes the way you sing tonight ill dream while im in bed while silly thoughts go through my head about the bugs and alphabet when i wake tomorrow ill bet that you and i will walk together again i can tell that we are gonna be friends i can tell that we are gonna be friends
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